Jimmy Denman

Tia is the name of my brand new T Guitar. Not only is she a stunning beauty but she sings with a tone so pure it melts your heart and when the mood takes her, she growls with a righteous fury.

Tia is custom in every sense of the word. Living a few streets from the workshop, I was able to choose every part of her and be there for every step of the build. From selecting the piece of wood for the body, to the hardware, pot configuration, colours, and I even painted the gold T on the headstock. Working with Andy was fantastic. Seeing his craftsmanship and passion really made this a special experience.

I can’t recommend T Guitars enough. If you want a custom guitar that looks the part and begs to be played then Andy is your man.


Mark Beesley

I only came in for a t-shirt and I found myself ordering a custom T guitar.

I was totally won over by the guitars design and quality. The guitars looks great; the design is original and unique, while not being extreme or over the top.
It was great to be able to speak directly to Andy who designs and builds the guitars. Andy puts so much of himself into these guitars; it was a really personal and enjoyable experience. Andy was very helpful with selecting the different options so I could get exactly what I wanted. He even found the exact colour I was after. Andy gave me a factory tour and kept me up to date with progress photos.

When I got my new T guitar I was totally blown away. It looks and sounds amazing, and when I play it, it just feels right. I can really feel that every part of my new guitar has been hand crafted with passion.

Becoming a T Guitar owner  has been the single best thing I have done in my time playing guitar.
The guitar is something I will play and treasure forever.

Edward Bosloper


I have been a guitar addict for many years. When I discovered a T-Guitar, straightaway I found that the guitar was built very well and was the right shape for sitting or standing.

The process of picking colours and specs for my own guitar was a very exciting experience. Andy was an absolute pleasure to talk to and kept me up to date throughout making my T Guitar, with pictures.

When the day came that I could plug my very own new custom made white guitar into an amp, it sounded and felt superb! The neck is so easy to play and finished well. Having always wanted a Bigsby, i was a little apprehensive whether this would make the guitar go out of tune. Having played for quite a few hours, it hadn’t gone out of tune once. The next day, it was still in tune!

Now, I have discovered I no longer need so many guitars. This guitar feels great and sounds very versatile. The T-90’s are very clear and very rich sounding, without being muddy and are made by Andy.

If you are looking for a guitar that feels fantastic, sounds great, is well priced and is made just for you, then you absolutely need to talk to Andy. What a talent!


Nicholas Dupleix

My T No.3 Deluxe is a head turning, heart melting gaiety.  I’ve always been drawn to symmetry in guitars and the Deluxe No.3 is a bambino classic.  It’s a shape that you can set your watch to, and we all need a good time man.  To me that’s what my T guitar provides – a good time.

It feels like quality, looks like quality and you WILL have a quality good time conversing with a Andy Thomson whilst conspiring your personal finishes and requirements.  The satin finish is serious good looks, the photos really underestimate how sharp a craftsman Andy is!

My T guitar represents local quality and noteworthy value for money.  Do yourself a favour and visit the store to play one of these marvels for yourself.


Rob Muinos - Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins, Robert Muinos

The idea of getting a custom or hand made guitar has never appealed to me. I dislike the idea of fancy woods and fret markers in the shape of frogs or whatever. I’m pretty sure Andy feels the same way and that’s why I like T Guitars.

I had a lot of fun working on the design of the No.5 Jnr with Andy. I’ve always loved the sound of cheap sears guitars from the 60’s but have always had problems with them being fragile. I wanted a guitar that had the sound and vibe of those old Harmonys but you could throw at the drummer and still play it the next day. That’s exactly what the No.5 Jnr is and I couldn’t be happier with mine.


Rudy Riggs - The Delta Riggs

Andy’s passion for making guitars is obvious when playing a T. Its awesome to play, well balanced, sounds mad (T-90’s are bang on) and looks sick. To top it off Andy is a legend with a solid haircut.




Alexi Kaye

I bought a T Guitar from Andy about a year and a half ago. I saw a magnificent looking guitar hanging on the wall in the guitar shop where he was building them. It was love at first sight and I asked Andy then and there if he could make me one just like it. He said yes and I’ve never looked back.

I loved the care and love that he put into the making of it. I loved how he shared the making process with me by sending me pictures of the parts and of the guitar at its different stages of creation. There was not one step in the process that did not seem to involve his full care and attention, and in the end I have a light weight guitar that has a beautiful tone and looks so so good.

He is a delightful person to deal with and a fine craftsman and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a guitar that is made with old fashioned love and care. So many people comment to me on how much they like that guitar. No wonder!


Davey Lane - You Am I

T Guitars are hand-built, and that means every tiny little detail (of which there are innumerable on a T Guitar, from to the tartan chamber lining on the Thinline’s, to the pearl fret inlays) is poured over with love and care.

I used a Red T No.3 Thinline Deluxe and was blown away by how detailed it sounded, while still pushing out enough bottom end to make yer windows rattle. I could go either way with it, quacky country sounds or grunty rock ‘n roll, and I could lay into that Bigsby with Neil Young “Old Black” level abuse without tuning or intonation slipping even a hair.

On top of it being an incredibly well-crafted and versatile instrument, it’s builder (father? Maker? GOD?), Andy Thomson is a caring, affable and good-natured chap who won’t leave you alone until your T Guitar is set up and singing EXACTLY the way ya want it. If his run of builds to date is anything to go by, this bright young spark got an even brighter future.


Andy McGarvie - Andy McGarvie Trio

The T Guitars T No. 3 is a killer guitar. It has just the right amount of fight in the strings; the slightly different position of the nut-bridge on the guitar makes it really well balanced. I love the sound of the guitar too – the combination of the barking P90s with a beautifully balanced mid-ranged honk makes this guitar sound good in almost any style of music.

Tailor-made for Louis, T No.3 Sunburst Thinline Super Deluxe T Bass II w/ Handmade Vintage 1/4 inch Pickups

Tailor-made for Louis, T No.3 Sunburst Thinline Super Deluxe T Bass II w/ Handmade Vintage 1/4 inch Pickups

Louis Gill – Melbourne based session bassist

Andy Thomson is a talented guitar builder and a real craftsman with great attention to detail. Everything about the T-bass that Andy built for me exudes a kind of quality that you can’t find in todays mass produced instruments. It also has a great vintage vibe that felt super comfortable as soon as I got it – an attribute I rarely find picking up brand new instruments.

When you add in the flexibility to tweak the base design in terms of tone-woods, scale length, neck shape and gorgeous nitro finishes the idea to get a T-Bass was a no brainer for me. It was also a great feeling being involved in the build process-I got super excited every time Andy sent though a pic showing me where the bass was at.

I’ve been lucky enough to own some fantastic basses over the years including boutique instruments from some of the best makers in the states, and also a number of pre-cbs fenders. I can honestly say that the T-Bass is right there beside them in terms of build quality, playability, and tone. It’s now my go-to bass for live shows and I couldn’t be happier with it.


Dan Southern – Mix Tape for the Drive

I was super dooper stoked to be able to work with Andy to create a one of a kind T Guitar for myself. I have always been individual and like to be creative in everything I do. My drum kit is a jelly bean kit and has a different finish on each drum. People see it and know its mine. So when thinking of a guitar to be built I definitely wanted to go with a similar vibe. I wanted to my guitar to be instantly recognisable. This is why I decided on a T Guitar.

The T Guitar shape was the first thing that captured my attention. I remember seeing one of the first ones Andy built and thinking…DAMN that looks super bad ass! The headstock is wicked as well.


So I approached my bro Andy about making me one. I specified that I wanted the green finish to match Marvin The Martians helmet and that I wanted GT racing stripe on the front. The cool thing about that was that he was more than willing to do whatever he could to give me the guitar that I had envisioned. He was super easy to work with and really cared about the project. He was even able to put my bands logo on the back! That is my favourite part!! I think it’s look freaking cool as heck. Super unique and totally stands out at shows. I would often have people compliment me on how mad it looked before and after the shows.

This guitar feels rad as well. Super tough! The thickness of the neck and body is exactly what I need it to be. I throw my guitar around a fair bit at shows so it needs to be solid.

I told Andy that I wanted my T guitar to sound huge. I didn’t feel the need for multiple pickups as my guitar only needs one setting…ROCK. So my T Guitar includes just 1 hand wound “Jalapeño” Humbucker pickup wired by Andy… and it’s hotter than your mum!


Josh Van Cuylenburg

Quite simple the best guitar I have ever played. And it’s pretty obvious why…. It is exactly the guitar I wanted. The perfect combination of biting p(t)90’s in a semi hollow body, and a neck actually custom shaped to my slightly feminine hands.

This by itself would have been enough, but the instrument is much more than the some of it’s custom parts. It has been put together with an immense amount of love and care that you rarely find. Whilst we’re on the build process – Andy was fantastic. He listened to everything i asked for and added really helpful and interesting suggestions when necessary. He also emailed me throughout the process with pics of it coming together, which as you can imagine just built the excitement towards getting the thing in my hand.

Once I did, it was everything I had hoped for and more. The build quality is second to none. The colour (fiesta red) was perfect (not for lack of effort on T-Guitars part).

Before going down this path, I was tossing up many different options and wanted the best of all worlds, ‘a little bit of a Strat…but a little bit from this jag…oh and a bit like this Epiphone’.

I just didn’t know it was possible to get all of that…and more.

Not to mention I couldn’t imagine handing my money over to a better bloke.

Thanks Andy. And to everyone else reading this. Get one…now.


Mill Bastard – Grey Yard

No joke, my other guitars feel like toys compared to my T no.3 Thinline Deluxe. It has an old school gentlemanly feel – like an old war veteran that demands a certain respect – but also one that smokes huge cuban cigars, drives a custom drop-top caddy, and mows the lawn with a flamethrower. Zero f#cks given.

On top of the awesomeness of the guitar itself (which is honestly second to none), Andy is just a total legend. Any changes I wanted or tweaks to the overall design – BAM – he was happy to do it. Even just calling him up when I’d had a few pints and wanted to talk guitars – BAM. Done.
You don’t get genuine and honest service like that these days. Never have I been so stoked to hand over a wad of hard earned cash.

Just be ready to sell all your other guitars, because you won’t want to play them after buying a T guitar. This is your only warning.


Matt Bragg

I fell in love with T Guitars before one existed. I was lucky enough to see the original drawn design when Andy was first coming up with the concept for the T No.3. The first thing that came to mind was how original the shape was but at the same time classic. It didn’t look like anything else out there in the crowded world of guitars but at the same time looked like something you wouldn’t be ashamed to take to you local pub and smash out Chisel covers on. That is a very tricky thing to do when designing a guitar and few people have ever got it right. Andy Thomson got it right.

I place my order for a T No.3 then and there. I didn’t want any bells and whistles, just one pickup, a volume knob & a tone knob. I also asked for him to incorporate my beloved Western Sydney Wanderers football club with the guitar. What I got was so much more! The finish of the guitar is amazing and it plays like dream but what really blew me away was the pickup. The T-90 as Andy calls it is hand wound and is like no other pickup on the planet. I have owned a lot of guitar but I have not had one this versatile as far as tone goes…and it has ONE pickup! The way the volume and tone controls effect the pickup seems impossible, but Andy did it.

I will be getting more T guitars in the future. WHO DO WE SING FOR