2017 will be Andy's 10th year of Setups and Repairs. In his time he has worked on all the major brands, and of course has seen enough restrings to last 100 lifetimes. 

With a complete satisfaction guarantee, you're sure to come away with your guitar playing and sounding its best!  

Repair Prices

Quoted prices do not include parts or strings and turn around is 2-3days depending on the job, and as quick as next day if necessary! 

We recommend and use Rotosound & Elixir strings but can string your instrument with the brand of your choice. 

We service and repair Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Basses, Lap Steels,  Mandolins, Double Basses, Violins, as well as reskinning Banjos and Banjo Mandolins. 

--Prices listed do not include cost of strings--

Basic Service - Polish frets, check over Tuners, oil fretboard, restring, truss adjustment, action set, intonation set, pickup adjustment, check over and clean electronics, full guitar body and neck clean and polish.

  • Acoustic or Electric $75
  • Floyd Rose $100

Fret Dress and Setup

  • Acoustic or Electric $125
  • Floyd Rose $150

Re-fret and Setup

  • Standard Fingerboard $250
  • Bound Fingerboard from $350

New Nut (not including setup costs)

  • Bone $75

New Saddle (not including setup costs)

  • Bone $50

Neck Reglue (not including setup costs)

  • Without Refinish $100
  • With Neck Refinish $200+

Pickup Swaps and Insallation

  • Solid Body Electric from $45
  • Archtop/Hollowbody from $75
  • Acoustic - Preamp, Jack and Pickup piece $100
  • Acoustic (Sound Hole and Input Jack) from $50

Pickup Rewinding

  • Single Pickup $75
  • Humbucker $125


  • Body + Neck $400+ depending on specs. 
  • Neck $150
  • Body $250

- For any other work just give us a call! - 


"Got a bunch of my guitars set up by T Guitars, play like a million bucks!" - Sam Hernandez

"I had Andy Setup two of my guitars this week... Both are playing amazing. Couldn't be happier with the service. Turn around was one day. Maybe I was lucky. Highly endorse Andy's service. I know I will be going back soon with some more of the arsenal. Lovely guy to boot." - Ben Hoath

"I can't recommend Andy from T Guitars highly enough! 100% quality work and an awesome dude!" - Julio Garcia

Thanks so much to T Guitars for the rad setup. Plays beautifully and sounds sweet! - James Caddy