"Just when you thought the guitar industry had exhausted every possible body design conceivable, along comes an Australian luthier named Andy Thomson with his No. 3 model guitar that has all the looks of an instant modern classic" - Ultimate-Guitar.com

Andy Thomson is the man behind T Guitars and he is passionate about his craft. He has designed all three models to truly stand out, but not look out of place. He puts his heart into building guitars for those who put their hearts into playing guitar.

There is a T Guitar to suit anyone, from the singer/songwriter to the rock and roll Golden-God to the lovers of post-new-punk-scream-metal-spoken-word or whatever your into! Andy will build the sound your after.

With a mixture of vintage and modern design, a tone that is not only original, but totally usable and a feel that makes you think you have played this guitar your whole life. These genuine modern-classics will meet all your expectations and then some.

Made in the Highlands.

Made to be played.

Andy Thomson

Andy Thomson